Napraforgó street 2.

Architect: Gyula Wälder

Szombathely, 1884 – Budapest 1944, architect, university professor, correspondent member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

He continued university studies in Budapest, then in Vienna at Friedrich Ohman, and graduated at the Budapest Technical University in 1905. He became a teaching assistant beside Virgil Nagy at the ancient architecture department of the Technical University, and, at the same time, he worked for the Municipal Public Works Council. From 1923 until his death he was the appointed professor of the ancient architecture department, between 1930-1932 he was the dean of the Faculty of Architecture, then, between 1938-1939, the rector of the university. From 1935 he became the corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In the same period he maintained an office where several architects worked who later became acknowledged master builders. He exerted significant influence on the Hungarian architecture between the two World Wars by his architectural activities and studies, theses, reviews.
Many of his buildings which we can see in Budapest are characteristic and significant artworks of the historicizing style trend of his era’s architectural thinking. He took part actively in city planning design contests but most of his plans remained unrealised, with one exception: the mouth of Imre Madách allee at Károly boulevard. His buildings formed decisively the view of the inner city of Eger, Balassagyarmat and Gyöngyös. He contributed significantly to the establishment of the present view of Szombathely.
In his special, easily recognizable architectural works he frequently returns to the varied motifs of the baroque style which he tried to put to the service of modern architectural achievements. He led numerous architectural reconstructions where his commitment to baroque can also be observed.

Source of photos: Tér és Forma 1931/10, 305-326, Vékás András, Mátéffy Bendegúz
Source of ground-plans: Tér és Forma 1931/10, 305-326

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