Introduction of Napraforgó Street Bauhaus Association

Mission and aim of the Association

The Napraforgó Street experimental housing estate is located in the 2nd district of Budapest. The unique historical monument complex which was built at the beginning of the 1930s is the gem of the district’s architectural inheritance. The twenty-one family houses designed by noted architects of the era mirror the multifaceted endeavours of modern architecture. Many of the buildings are pioneering, representative works of Bauhaus. Very few countries may take pride in a similarly well-preserved, uniform architectural complex.

Napraforgó Street Bauhaus Association was founded in December 2017 to maintain the integration of the experimental housing estate. Our aim is to make our street known as one of the attractive sights of Budapest and Hungary, both at home and abroad.

One of the prominent targets of the Association is to collect, systematize the documents related to the street’s history and its buildings and to make these available for the wider public. We would like to increase the intangible value of our cultural heritage by the development of the public premises. Our further aim is the protection of the Bauhaus idea by involving supporting members and the enhancement of Hungarian Bauhaus architecture both in our country and abroad.

Partner organisations

Municipality of Budapest 2nd district
Hosszúlépés. Járunk? City Walks
Kortárs Építészeti Központ
Kiscell Museum

Data of the association

Headquarters: 1021 Budapest, Napraforgó u. 17.
Officials: dr. Gábor Megyeri President, Anna Nyers Board member, Béla Tóth Board member
Registration number: 01-02-0016726
VAT number: 18945614-1-41
Bank account number: 11702012-21449194

Balance sheet
Information on data handling


Those natural persons can be a member of the association who are owners or beneficial owners of a property located in Budapest 2nd district Napraforgó street or are the relatives of the owner/beneficial owner. For the sake of equality, 2 persons per Napraforgó street property may become a member of the association.

Associate membership

Those Hungarian or foreign natural or legal persons can be an associate member of the association who support the activity of the association by intellectual contributions and/or donations but do not actively take part in the activities. The associate member is not obliged to pay membership fee and is not bound by the rights and liabilities applying to members.

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