Napraforgó street 10.

Architect: Aladár Münnich

Szepesigló, 1890 – Montreal, 1975, architect, author specialized in architecture

He originated from a distinguished patrician family of the area Szepesség. He attended the university in Charlottenburg (Berlin), then the Technische Hochschule in Munich where he graduated as an architect in 1914. After graduation he worked in an architectural office in London and took part, among others, in the design of public buildings in China. Until the 1st World War he worked on the building of Debrecen University in the Budapest office of Flóris Korb.
He started his individual architectural activities in 1921. He made plans for hotels, industrial plants and factory buildings, houses in the country and villas in Budapest. His main buildings are the County Hall in Baja, the Post Directorate, the Déry Museum and the Búza square market hall in Debrecen, the Nagyvásártelep (Main Market Site) in Budapest. He designed apartment houses in Budapest. In the later period his outstanding buildings are the elegant, stone-covered headquarters and apartment house of the Futura Cooperative in Dorottya street, and the office building of the Pension Fund of Pesti Magyar Kereskedelmi Bank (Mérleg u. 6.).
From 1933 he was the member of the National Public Building Council, from 1936 of the Council of Public Works. In 1942 he was appointed government councelor.His publications dealt mostly with the reform of building regulation, questions related to the building of small apartments and city-planning. In 1945 he won the design contest for the reconstruction of Budapest by his plan „Four-corner city”. Then he emigrated, settled in Canada and died in Montreal.

Study on the house

Source of the photos: Tér és Forma 1931/10, 305-326, Vékás András, Mátéffy Bendegúz
Source f the ground-plans: Tér és Forma 1931/10, 305-326

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