The book „Modern házak és lakóik” (Modern houses and their residents) is published on December 5, 2019. It is the first monograph introducing the Napraforgó street modern housing estate built in 1931. The author of the book is András Ferkai, well-known university professor, architect and historian, whose specialty is the architecture between the two World Wars, especially the modern movement. The modern housing estate built in Napraforgó street is the only one which was realized in Hungary, therefore its curiosity is indisputable. The housing estate consisting of 22 buildings wanted to verify that it is possible to establish homes on small ground pieces and still make modern lifestyle possible and provide comfort.

The author pictures the history of the housing estate and the era with interesting phrases and human fates. The book unfolds the authentic history of the experimental estate, introduces its novelties and acceptance. Using contemporary plans, documents and archive photos it attempts to reconstruct the original state of the houses and the joyful life, sometimes chequered career of the families living there.

The volume of high standard can be an enjoyable reading or suitable present for everybody. It is available in the network of Libri and Lira bookstores and at the publishing house Terc, its price is HUF 4.900.