Napraforgó street 7.

Architect: Andor. Vágvecsei Wellisch

Budapest, 1887 – Budapest, 1956, architect

He graduated at the Budapest University of Technology in 1910, then worked in Berlin with Bruno Möhring and Oszkár Kaufmann. In 1912 he joined his father’s Budapest office and in 1914 took over its management. In the beginning he worked as an internal designer, then he started to make plans for houses in Budapest. These building are characterized by the Hungarian-popular style characteristic of the turn of century, for example he used materials of natural origin (wood or quarry-stone) by choice on the facade. The multiple division of the windows is also characteristic of these houses. After the 1st World War (during which he served at the battlefield as engineer lieutenant) he planned larger apartment houses in historicizing style, for example a building for the ground-plot at Kálvin square, the group of apartment houses for clerks in Böszörményi street.
In the 1920s he designed industrial buildings, school, worker houses, community house and workers’ casino for the colony of miners at Baglyasalja at the commission of Észak-magyarországi Kőszénbánya Rt. The institutions of the Rákos racecourse planned by him were opened in 1925. Several of his plans for schools were realized (elementary school in Kozák square in Budapest, in Mád, the school and kindergarten in Rákospalota). All of his buildings are characterized by artistic and solid shaping, the ground-plans are transparent and practical.
After 1918 he became the credited expert of Székesfővárosi Árvaszék (Court of Chancery of Budapest), of insurance companies and of the Hungarian General Credit Bank. He had significant influence on the building affairs of Budapest as a member of the Council of Public Works.
In 1946 he changed his family name „Wellisch” to „Vecsey”.

Source of photos: Tér és Forma 1931/10, 305-326, Vékás András, Mátéffy Bendegúz
Source of ground-plans: Tér és Forma 1931/10, 305-326

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